Why HEMY™?

1. Made from TENCEL™ Lyocell - Recycled Eucalyptus

Lyocell (TENCEL™) is a regenerated fibre which is obtained from eucalyptus cellulose. TENCEL™ is a brand name for a type of the Lyocell fabric which is created by Lenzing, a sustainable company in Austria. The TENCEL™ production process is closed loop where more than 99% of the water and solvents used are collected and reused.
This fibre supports your body and is temperature regulating. It feels silky soft on your skin and is therefore incomparably comfortable to wear. Lyocell is a perfect choice for people with sweating problems or for people who have sensitive skin. 


Benefits of TENCEL:

  • grown in sustainably maintained forests
  • no herbicides or pesticides
  • low water consumption during growth and processing
  • superior moisture control which keeps you cool and comfortable
  • extremely resistant to bacteria, so no bad odors
  • low water consumption during growth and processing
  • soft, breathable and cooling

2. Silver Ions 

Silver is a natural element that has ions that have a positive charge and are able to draw in bacteria like a magnet. 

This antimicrobial metal functions to:

  • Eliminate odor-causing bacteria
  • Prevent fungal infections as bacteria cannot survive
  • Continuously keeps your feet clean and smelling pleasant.

We've added 10% Silver Ions to have longer-lasting antibacterial property that doesn’t affect the overall feeling of our socks.

3. Koala-Grip™ Technology

Why buy an expensive pair of running shoes and then wrap your feet in low-quality socks? Socks have a functional role in supporting anyone's daily activity. 

Our Koala-Grip Anti-Slip Technology increases traction and significantly reducing ankle sprains and slippages. If you have ankles that are prone to injury, this is for you, it provides extra protection to that area and can give you defense for all angles of your foot.

Wearing grip socks provides more comfort and adds more cushion to your foot, meaning that blisters are far less likely and you’ll be able to cope with your activities for longer as your foot wont be moving in around your shoe.